5 Questions Game of Thrones Season 8 will answer

The Night King April 27, 2019 742 No Comments

game of thrones season 8 predictions

Who is Azor Ahai

The Night King is almost reaching Winterfell, who will save the Seven Kingdoms from him? Most likely Azor Ahai (Lightbringer), the rescuer in distress from the cult of Melisandre. Lightbringer is supposed to make a blood sacrifice, which makes Daenerys a good candidate. On the other hand, Daenerys has dragons that can spit fire, which also makes her a good candidate. We will get the answer to this question undoubtedly in the last episode of Game of Thrones

The predictions of Maggie The Frog

The fate of the three children of Cersei was already described in the prediction of Maggie The Frog. But there is also a second important piece to it: that she will die by the hand of the valonqar. That’s High Valyrian for “little brother” and Cersei assumes it’s Tyrion. But fans are speculating that the valonqar is actually Jaime. As he slowly but surely discovers the true nature of his sister, this does not seem unlikely to us.

Is Cersei pregnant?

The question we’re left with after season seven of Game of Thrones: does Cersei mean it when she says she’s pregnant with her brother, or not? There are arguments for and against, but analysts on the internet seem to agree that this is indeed the case. When we might still think she’s lying to Jaime about something to ensure his loyalty. But with Tyrion, there’s no reason at all to do so. Then Cersei makes a few concessions: because, after she lost her three children, she finally has a future again? And what kind of relationship will Cersei and Euron Greyjoy develop, will she betray him after she gets her troops?

Who will rule Winterfell?

The prize for most tragic character in Game of Thrones, undoubtedly goes to Sansa Stark. From her engagement to Joffrey to Tyrion Lannister’s wife: Sansa didn’t have luck on her side. Not to mention that one scene with her husband Ramsey Bolton. But Sansa is also a remarkably strong character: she uses the resources she has to her advantage and slowly but surely grows into a lady of Winterfell. At least, until Jon returns with a long-lost Daenerys Targaryen. “Winterfell is yours”, says Sansa, but does she mean that?

Will Arya Stark be able to complete her “List”?

Of all the characters in Game of Thrones, Arya Stark probably has the most varying story. From a few months in the woods of Westeros, over a companion with The Hound to her stay in Braavos and her time as a killer in training we have seen Arya grow up. For seasons, we saw her killing off people on her list of people who had to die. She has done a wonderful job, but some characters, such as Queen Cersei, are getting closer and closer to her. Will Arya finish her list from Winterfell?

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