Will Tyrion kill thousands of King’s Landing’s Inhabitants?

The Night King April 28, 2019 739 No Comments

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In a Frikidoctor YouTube video of 7 months ago they told the public a couple of things:


Tyrion Lannister will be the one responsible for a fire that will kill thousands of King Landing’s inhabitants

He will walking through the streets of King’s Landing accompanied by Jon and Bravos

The actress of Yara was also there on set

There will be a trial held for Tyrion at the Dragonpit, where he will be executed for treason.

There is a possibility that Jaime will die, might be in the hands of Brienne

Melisandre will fight the Nightking with the dead she controlled

There will be two new characters introduced (they were on the set filming)

Well those are the leaks Frikidoctor provided us.


Thanks to NippleFlicks from reddit for providing a good list.

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